Introducing the Dynamic Package Upgrade for Citybreak Online!

We're thrilled to announce that all Citybreak Online customers will get a UPGRADE at May 2nd 2024 to a new improved version of dynamic packaging.

Here's what you can look forward to 

  • Improved Product Lists for Accommodation & Activities: We have added filter and sorting options based on configurations and product content. From categories, and locations to attributes; customers can find what they want with just a few clicks.
  • Interactive Map: Choose between side-by-side or map-only views, and easily identify points of interest and informative product cards. 


  • Detailed Product Views: We have improved the content display and added rich modal experiences for the products in the booking.
  • Enhanced Price Display: We've revamped our price display to provide clearer information, including improved support for discounts. Step-by-step pricing breakdowns ensure transparency throughout the booking process. 
  • New Departure List for Flights: Customers can now easily compare flights with our new departure list, now sortable by price and travel time for ultimate convenience. If you are interested in Flight packages? Please contact us via [email protected].


  • New Booking Process stepbar: Navigate seamlessly through booking steps with our new step bar, complete with animations and a comprehensive package summary. Enjoy the flexibility to navigate back to previous steps if needed. 


  • Traveller Ratings for Packages: We have added our traveler rating feature for packages as well. Want to know more about our rating feature? Contact [email protected].


What do I need to do as a customer?

Nothing! Just relax and look forward to new and enhanced content but if you want to improve or enrich your content and filtering, please contact us via [email protected] and we can discuss a content implementation upgrade.

What to expect next related to dynamic packages?

We will inform you when we launch new features and improvements. Currently, our focus is: 

  • New Package Widgets: Experience faster loading times and an improved user interface with our new package widgets. Enjoy an inline search loader for effortless browsing. Change your search at any time in the package booking flow. 
  • New Package Basket Presentation: Dividing the product selected per step will give the user a more structured view of what is included and also enable the add optional steps products to the package later on.
  • Optional Package Search & Steps: for todo and accommodation.. this is a new Step setting and a refactor of the package search to handle optional steps products that you can use for upselling. more information when we launch this feature for you all.