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Curious how BookVisit helped Gimo Herrgård get more profit out of every booking?

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‘Enclosed by majestic forests, sparkling lakes and endless meadows you will find Gimo Herrgård – Sweden’s first gustavian manor house. The 4-star hotel features 87 individually designed rooms and suites, the Sjöstugan SPA offering panoramic views of Lake Gimo, and the manor restaurant serving exquisite meals made from local ingredients. Bright meeting rooms and beautiful 18th century banquet halls offer ample space for events, parties and conferences.
Welcome to Gimo Herrgård – where memories become history.’

When did you first start working with BookVisit, and what made you choose them?
We first started working with BookVisit back in 2015. What we really liked about BookVisit were the endless possibilities in terms of how to promote and sell our property.

Which Bookvisit products do you use?
We are using the online booking engine, the channel manager, the gift voucher module and the online conference booking module. We know there are some other good features, but we will look into them in the future.

What challenges have you experienced before using BookVisit?
Before we started using BookVisit, we had to update the prices in 15-20 different channels, which, as you can imagine, was a big hassle and a very time-consuming task. But since we started using the BookVisit channel manager, we only have to update the prices in 1 channel, which makes it much easier to manage.

Another challenge in the past was also that we haven’t been able to sell add-on products online. With BookVisit, we now have a good revenue stream, selling not only hotel and conference rooms, but a variety of products and packages.

What has been the biggest impact on your business since selecting BookVisit as your partner?
We have been increasing our online sales every year since we implemented BookVisit. We doubled our sales in comparison to 2 years ago. Managing and updating our website is much easier with BookVisit and since the rates are so easy to adjust, so we get more profit out of every booking.

What makes BookVisit unique?
It’s extremely adaptable for our business and the BookVisit is team is quick in their response and in adding new functionalities to the platform. The channel manager is easy to use and the package module is incredibly useful – it’s just a very easy, user friendly system.

Another big plus for us is also that BookVisit has a Nordic Office, which means we get support in our own language.

How long did the training take?
We had to set up a couple of things beforehand, but the training itself took only half a day!

What do your employees say about Bookvisit?
The employees appreciate BookVisit a lot more compared to the previous system. They agree that BookVisit is a more useful and helpful tool, as well as much easier to manage and quicker to update.

If you were to recommend BookVisit to another hotel, what would you say?
It’s very easy really, we increased our add-on sales by over 125%, so we more than doubled in comparison to the previous system. Our online bookings have increased, and the possibilities for extra sales and reservations are just one of the more visible changes that have happened since we chose BookVisit.

Q&A with Mathias Schneider,
General Manager
Gimo Herrgård

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