Citybreak release notes 29 april 2024

Features and Improvements

CB Online

  • Now you have a product map available in the product modal that users can find via basket and my page.
    Map_in _modal
  • Added a nightly slow test job to the CB online build pipeline. This enhancement aims to bolster quality assurance and mitigate risks further before deploying a system version.
  • Resolved a CB Online todo guide detail page crawler issue that sometimes occurred when using Google Ads.
  • Fixed a GA4 purchase event issue for item_category that was temporarily not aligned with other events.
  • Corrected the CB Online traveler rating product summary score that was incorrect in the product modal.
  • Addressed a Product modal CBIS content display issue that sometimes incorrectly displayed the product description instead of the intro description.
  • Fixed an issue where the product image was missing in the CB Online basket for some Parent/child setups in CBIS for Easy access products.

Sales Agent CB Online iTicket

  • Fixed a UI issue in some iTicket bookingflow configurations regarding addons. Prices are now displayed more clearly on mobile devices.
  • Corrected a dropdown UI issue in the iTicket bookingflow duration dropdown, which sometimes displayed the wrong label/header.
  • Handled an issue with complementary information in the iTicket bookingflow, which sometimes occurred when editing products in CB online from the payment page.
  • Fixed a price category issue in the iTicket bookingflow that was dependent on a certain price category article setup.
  • Updated price formatting to better align with CB online culture format standards for iTicket bookingflow products.


  • Adjusted the presentation of the number of days for some duration products in Confirmation docs to avoid misleading information.
  • Updated the departure time order in documents for flight products to ensure clarity.
  • Enhanced the handling of complementary information on iTicket activity transport products in confirmation docs, ensuring consistency between Sales Agent and CB Online when the product contains complementary information.

Sales Agent

  • Removed a misleading "Edit Product" option for dynamic packages in Sales Agent, which could cause incorrect booking edits.
  • Fixed an issue where some invoices PDF documents could not be opened for Agent organization in Sales Agent due to a permission issue.
  • Addressed a Sales Agent dynamic package sorting issue that affected the "todo" step type.

Various bug fixes

  • Addressed a corner case in the iTicket – Citybreak integration to handle locations with identical entity information.
  • Updated the validation messages for Skidata complementary info in CB online for Norwegian and Swedish.
  • ixed a bug in CB Admin insights that could affect some searches for the last 7 and last 30 days in the performance chart.
  • Removed a few outdated CB Admin online message input fields that are no longer relevant to users.

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