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New Citybreak Online for See & Do Products

We have given Citybreak Online for See & Do products a complete re-design. Citybreak Online for See & Do products is the internet booking engine you use for the following product categories:

Day tours, Activities, Entry-tickets, Ski Passes, Ski Rental, Roundtrips, Guided tours, Dinner Cruises, Transportation tickets, Rental products, Events, Ski School, and many more.

We really hope that you will enjoy this upgrade! A big thank you to Visit Tromsø for being our pilot customer!

New Design

  • Maps are much more integrated in our new Citybreak Online for See & Do products - customers want to know where the activity will take place, how far away it is from their hotel and what else to do while in the neighbourhood.

  • All your products with latitude and longitude information, will be presented on the map. This will help you selling more activities nearby.

  • Nothing is more  frustrating than waiting for a page to load! We have added nicer loading icons and enabled the so-called "skeleton loading" so that your customer is not sitting in front of a white screen until the page has finished loading.

  • Infinity scrolling doesn't overwhelm your visitors and makes the page load faster.

New Product Display

The most important changes are around your products.

  • Wow your customers with images: The first three pictures are displayed already on the listing page

  • Select attributes to highlight: Draws attention to certain products

  • Images are key: No more cropped images! Citybreak Online will auto-adjust to most image sizes

  • Products with many occasions: All dates will be presented in a calendar, not in a list.

  • Images and Content of child products have been improved as well: Everything will be displayed properly on the new Citybreak Online ToDo guide! Each child product now has their own calendar!


New Features & Functions

  • Better Filter Functions: Place your most important filters directly on the page

  • New and improved sorting options: Allow your customers to sort by "Guest Score" (if you use traveller rating), "Recommended Products" (if you use the recommended tag on CBIS) or "Distance" from a variety of POIs, for example distance from the airport.

  • Auto-create rankable filter pages for your categories (for example boat tours) or locations. Each category and location can be found as an individual page on search engines!

  • Customize your SEO titles and descriptions for each product and climb up the ranking ladder!

  • Pin your product on the map. Let your customer get to Google Maps with just one click - your product of course preselected!

Questions & Answers

  • How will this affect my SEO and organic ranking?
    Don´t worry! This update will not affect your SEO as all URLs will remain unchanged. You can now even improve some SEO aspects (see above under "New Features & Functions").

  • Where is the old sidebar with "Customer Information" and other boxes on the product list page?
    We have decided to removed them! We will also remove these boxes in the upcoming updates of our Citybreak Online for Accommodations and Packages. Please add additional contact information in the footer of your template page, but we can see that most customers have this already.

  • I am missing related related products on the detail page!
    This is correct! We have a long term plan to add a more dynamic upsell product display in the future. Stay tuned!

  • I want the new Citybreak Online for See & Do products alread now, before you do the switch for everyone on 1 September 2021!
    This is absolutely possible! Please contact us at [email protected] and we will update your Citybreak Online(s) manually and free of charge.

  • Should I expect any issues I will need to act on?
    We have extensively tested this development and rolled it out to selected pilot customers already, so we don't expect any issues here. There is a slight risk that code of your template page (which provides the header and the footer to Citybreak Online) can interfere with the new Citybreak Online for See & Do products, for example if the design-code (CSS) of your template page uses the same class names as we do. This is unlikely and usually an easy-to-solve change. Should you experience any of these issues upon changing to the new Citybreak Online, please get in touch with us.