Citybreak Release Notes 11 October 2022

Galaxy API 

  • A bug in Stays on the cabin detail page showed arrival dates that was not bookable. Dates and days without rate codes showed up in the search result. This issue is now fixed. 


Citybreak online 

  • Prices in CB online for a client did not look good on the front end. The team has done a small CSS fix to align accommodation filters better in packages to solve this. 

  • A minor CSS fix has been made so the “No, do not cancel”- button that appears in the basket when you want to remove a product do not have the same color as the font when you hover over the button.  

  • The “Terms and Conditions box was displayed more to the left in mobile view. This issue is now fixed.  

  • After adding products to your basket and then navigating backwards to where you can add your add-ons, the “continue”-button keeps loading so you can not proceed to the basket again and check out. This issue was only occurring on mobile devices and in certain browsers. This bug is now fixed.  

  • As a logged in user on mypage, with multiple travelers, there was an issue on adding Date of Birth on a specific traveler since the Date of Birth-field remained unactive in the dropdown. This is now solved. 

  • There was a display issue for one customer  where the 4 first thumbnails did not load. The issue only occured when a "preferred property" was presented in the search result. This issue is now resolved and all images in the accommodation search results is now showing again 


Citybreak Admin 

  • We have improved the search results in Citybreak Omnisearch. It is now possible to find a supplier if you only have the name of the product/ ptg id. Before the improvements you only got the CBIS information on the product and not the supplier data, but now you will be able to find the supplier as well.  

  • Corrected a time out issue for ferry route selector in CB admin 

Citybreak Sales Agent 

  • In , there is now a field that enables agents to add a supplier message on bookings. This is now a default feature. Agents can use this to communicate important messages such as, allergies, rooms preferences etc. directly in Citybreak.  

  • Fixed a bug that made editing prices in some cases not work in Sales agent 


Citybreak Information System (CBIS) 

On CBIS it is now possible to open the original image in a new tab. A button “View Original” has been added in the media tab on all products. 


WebX Stays 

  • It is now possible to display a small logo instead of the "Recommended" label. This can, for example, be used to promote your own cabins or properties.  

  • It is now possible to combine the (WebX-internal) Stays widget with CBIS product lists. This was not possible before. 



  • We have moved “external PSP checkout page setting” to CBF to support this better on all payment views.  

  • We have removed 2 old integration for Customer information look up in CB online checkout. This has been done due to no usage and outdated API/integrations. 


Ferry integrations 

  • Fixed some optional choices for transfer (land services) for a client. 

  • Fixed some missing meal options on Hogia ferry system. 

  • When booking a package with e.g., ferry and accommodation you are now able to add seat type in the booking confirmation as extra information.  

  • There was an issue with prices for vehicles in the ferry integration. It is now solved. 

  • There was an API integrations problem when searching for trips that only showed roundtrip results even though there only was results for one direction. This is now fixed. 

  • Added a new ferry route for a client where the only possible add on is bike. 

  • Improved a test environment for an integration to enable better testability. 

  • Added travel time in booking search result for an integration.  


R360 integration  

  • Improved our r360 API in terms of caching. 

  • Improved r360 API so it now supports booking a cabin over two price periods 


BookVisit integration 

  • We have improved the integration to BookVisit to work better when choosing an available addon, for example two childbeds. It is now better supported and follows you all the way to checkout.  


SynXis Integrations 

  • Improved the API connection so it now shows the right language for room descriptions for the visitor.