Citybreak Release Notes July 6 2023

Citybreak Online

  • Fixed a minor issue for hostel beds where we incorrectly displayed the Adult price group when a child was placed in the hostel bed.
  • Fixed a minor HTML issue with description text. Now you can see bold text on accommodation products when booking packages.
  • Fixed an edge case when editing products on MyPage.
  • Fixed a zoom-level issue on the product map.

Citybreak Sales Agent

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to book.
  • Fixed a bug where the addons were not updated with the correct price when editing the booking to have fewer nights.
  • Fixed a UI issue, that appeared in a very specific scenario, where you were able to add products to the basket with incorrect price.
  • Removed Mr/Mrs from Travius bookings on the Sales Agent booking overview, since there is no support to set Mr/Mrs.
  • When booking the same iTicket product on the same date but on 2 different item rows, the price retrieved per item row was listed as the total for those products instead of individually. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an edge case where the Agent price was not displayed correctly if the agent channel had a pre-selected fee active.
  • If you used Nets Easy checkout the country code was inserted incorrectly in Sales Agent. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Transport Activity add-ons sometimes were incorrectly displayed on certain dates.

Citybreak Admin/Confirmation

  • Fixed some line break issues on the confirmation.
  • The salespoint report is now displayed in HTML format.
  • Fixed an issue where you did not get the correct report for Feedback & Review questions for Traveler rating.
  • Updated missing translations in all storefronts, including the confirmation.


  • Fixed an issue where CBIS product long/lat zoom level did update on the Todo detail page. Now you can set different zoom levels (2 to 18) on products in CBIS and CB online will display accordingly.
  • We have updated the attribute mapping for Book Visit - CBIS integration.
  • Fixed some issues that occurred on editing images.
  • Fixed an edge case issue with solving multi-attribute conflicts that occurred in a specific condition.


  • Fixed an add-on issue on the Hogia connector.
  • Fixed an issue where package lights from BookVisit were sometimes incorrectly displayed in Sales Agent and Galaxy API.
  • Fixed an issue where an iTicket full-day event was presented as a 2-day tour on all storefronts. Now the full day is presented with this format 2023-01-01 – 2023-01-01 in all storefronts, including confirmations.
  • Fixed an issue where room directions from. BookVisit was not synced to CBIS.
  • We made a fix in the R360 Connector for mandatory add-ons that are only available on certain dates.
  • Fixed an edge case where bookings were not transferred to Markethype due to a missed translation string for the cancellation insurance.

Galaxy API

  • Fixed an issue where the response was empty when requesting content for specific products.

iTicket Release notes

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