release notes

Citybreak Release Notes 9 February 2023


  • Added custom document header support for Edit and Cancel booking e-mails. Before this was only displayed for new bookings.

Citybreak Admin

  • There was an issue where the main image on a Dynamic package in Admin did not work as intended in all scenarios, this is now fixed.

Citybreak Online

  • Fixed a minor filter issue in the Todo guide, where we displayed the wrong amount of available products on a view result button.
  • Improved the appearance in Edit booking mode after removing all products in the shopping cart. Before you could not see that you were in Edit mode. 
  • Fixed an issue related to a downpayment that sometimes caused the full payment option to act incorrectly.
  • The presentation of a discount in the accommodation guide is improved. To see the description of a discount you now click on the discount name, instead of hoover over it.
  • Fixed a minor issue in the new basket view where the basket broke due to external products with special characters in price group names. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a basket widget update issue, that occurred sometimes when you removed a product from the basket.
  • Addressed a room content problem in dynamic packages that caused some product types to not display CBIS product content as intended. We now always display the room with CBIS content (if the room exists in CBIS).
  • We fixed a minor issue on the accommodation guide detail page, where you needed to double-click twice on “change search” to open the widget to add the new parameters. Now it is enough to click on time.
  • We have introduced a setting to remove the need to add guests when they do not need to be there if there is no mandatory complementary information connected to the product. With the setting activated the end customer will get a quicker checkout. The setting can only be activated by Visit Group. Send us an e-mail if you want to try it out. 

Sales Agent

  • We have improved the way we support searches with a lot of data, eg. many rooms with many different room combinations.


  • Fixed a bug where we did not cancel the 1st version of a booking in Dhisco when the booking was changed and updated to a new version with updated customer information (eg. new guest name or message to the supplier).
  • We improved our logging for failed requests on some of our ferry connectors.