Citybreak Release Notes 8 May 2023

CB Online

  • The product code from iTicket was incorrectly shown online on the customer info step for transport products. This is now fixed.
  • There was a mismatch between the package light content on the accommodation guide vs the supplier package page.
  • Fixed an issue where the “next” button in the Activity transport widget wasn’t visible at all times.
  • When you searched for a location with special characters (eg. å/ä/ö) we didn’t display the characters correctly on the “search result page”. We now display the special character in the way it should be displayed.
  • Before you had to have a description of an activity product if the introduction text should be visible in CB Online. We have now changed that so it is enough with an introduction text on the product.
  • Corrected a timezone issue affecting some dynamic packages widgets' calendar date options.

CB Admin

  • It is now possible to delete the parent (producttypegroups) product in Admin, including all its children (producttypes). It is not possible to just delete the parent and have active children.
  • There was a mismatch of how we displayed the key pick-up information on the confirmation, in some accommodation setups. The key pick-up information should now be displayed in the same way, regardless of accommodation setup.

Sales Agent

  • In one specific scenario, it was not possible to book for today in Sales Agent. Now you can book for today (if all rules allow it).


  • There was an issue where it was not possible to crop an image on a newly created product. This is now possible.
  • If you were logged into Swedish in CBIS you could not enter new occasions that had durations that were not whole hours.


  • Fixed some incorrect price calculations on the R360 integration.

Galaxy API

  • It is now possible to book a Skistar cabin when the date span crosses the end of the month. This was not possible before.