Citybreak release notes 8 April 2024

Features and Improvements

CB Online

  • We have replaced the dependency of web sockets with an alternative that allows for better overall performance and maintainability of our platform.
  • Removed edit booking option on my page if the order is of type preliminary.

CB online Klarna

  • Added supplier messages support for external checkout "Klarna".
  • Removed CB Online Basket widget from external checkout "Klarna" to avoid any updated basket issues that are not supported.

Sales Agent iTicket

  • Added support for preliminary booking state from Sales Agent to iTicket for "none-booking flow" product combinations.

CB online CB admin

  • Added cancellation hours settings for accommodation & activity product types for "My Page." This can be used if you have "enabled cancellation on My Page" active. This can be used to handle end-users options on when to cancel a booking. 

CB admin

  • Created the necessary input field for Tax reports on private cabin products in Citybreak Admin.

CB online Sales Agent Documents iTicket

  • Updated iTicket booking flow Price Category order in the basket. Documents = The order you add/have in iTicket product admin will be followed in Citybreak.

CB online Webbeds integration

  • Webbeds integration update to include support for markup, culture, and currency conversion to be automatically assigned.


Various bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem on "My Page" to order without any first arrival date (merchandise) only bookings.
  • If an iTicket booking flow product was amended multiple times via the basket, this could sometimes generate an issue. This is now fixed.
  • Updated iTicket booking flow mandatory articles price display in CB Online basket. Now the mandatory included "addon" price will be added to the main articles' price for the end-users.
  • Found and fixed an iTicket booking flow duration issue when editing products from the basket that forced users to reselect the duration period. This is now sorted.
  • Fixed a bug related to time zones affecting iTicket booking flow widget display of price categories.
  • Fixed an end/departure date bug in booking documents.
  • Corrected a corner case for an Easy Access product type "unknown", merchandise, and Supplier packages that did not work as expected in booking documents.
  • Fixed an issue related to flight booking via Sales Agent - now the routes/locations connected are displayed via the search form.
  • We had an issue related to Broken images related to a storage issue, the affected images are now restored and displayed as intended.
  • Sales Agent had an infinity scroll loading issue, that could occur in some scenarios that is now solved.
  • We have updated the Flight booking route/location path in Sales Agent. Now we follow the same product admin support in dynamic packages. Routes are controlled from the product(s) connected in the channel.
  • Fixed a legacy Citybreak - CBIS content sync issue affected some customers using Easy Access as a main content source.
  • Added support for longer direction text in the confirmation document.
  • Found and fixed an issue related to open invoices in Sales Agent booking balance "tab".



  • Are you curious about what iTicket has been up to lately, check out their Release notes here!


For any inquiries or feedback, please contact our support via [email protected].