Citybreak Release Notes March 7, 2023

Citybreak Admin

Citybreak reports

  • The Visit logo link was present on Pending reports for non-visit users, the logo is now hidden.
  • In some specific scenarios, you got a 500 error when trying to reach These edge cases are now solved.
  • Before we did not include the e-mail address (if checked in the search parameters) for the Booking Analysis per country Report, we do that now.
  • We fixed it so that the dates and number of guests on a Dynamic package booking now is visible on the Arrival Report.

Traveler rating

  • We had an issue where it sometimes was not possible to submit a traveler rating response. This is now fixed.

Citybreak Online

  • On the package tab on the accommodation detail page, we incorrectly displayed package lights from BookVisit with an inactive “sell period”. This is now fixed, and only packages with active “selling periods” is displayed.
  • We have changed how we make our calendar search for BookVisit accommodation. In some scenarios, we only displayed the 1st day of a month as available. Now we display the correct availability.
  • When validating the WTP number on Booking Flow products, we failed to do a re-validation when the customer entered the correct number. We have now fixed it so that a re-validation is made and the booking can be confirmed.
  • There was an issue in the "new" activity search form widget when you did a name search to get available products, and when you were transferred to the to-do list, the products were not bookable. This is now fixed.
  • There was a missing space in the sidebar price display in the todo-list, which made it difficult to see the price. We have now added spacing, and you can see the price in a better way.

Sales Agent

  • The category tree in Sales Agent now displays the same hierarchy as in CBIS. Before all categories were at the same level and you could not see which sub-categories belonged to which "higher ranked" category.


  • We made improvements to the cache for the Skistar integration, which means more stability and faster response times.
  • We now do price updates to R360 daily, instead of every 48h. 
  • We have added more passenger contact details to our Amadeus connector.
  • Translations for some price groups in BookVisit were added.

Citybreak Financials

  • We have made significant improvements to the Adyen PSP:
    1. Full customer ("shopper") details are now provided to Adyen, including name, email, and zip code. This means that no input is needed, except BankID approval, for Klarna and Swish payments.
    2. It is now possible to style the Adyen widget to match the CSS of the online/Stays. 
    3. We have made some language fixes, which include better translations in the widget. We also set the language in Adyen so that the user gets the Klarna window in their language.
    4. We have changed the internal dating of Swish and Trustly transactions to avoid differences for accounting departments and reconciliations.
    5. It is not possible anymore to accidentally create duplicate transactions, due to “double clicks” on confirmation of payment.
    6. We have made sure that we always handle different states correctly and that the status of transactions are always up to date and the same as in Adyen, even for some specific scenarios that previously risked causing a problem.
    7. We have improved our logging of Adyen transactions. This is important for understanding the various cases we have had so far and for coming issues.
    8. Refund scenarios that fail due to "no funds" on the merchant account are logged and handled in a better way.