Citybreak Release Notes 7 June 2022

Citybreak Online

  • On the Citybreak Online for See & Do Products, we are now displaying child products in alphabetical order by default. It is also possible for the end-customer to change sorting by price and switch between these two.
  • On the detail page of a particular See & Do product (such as, for example, an event), the calendar will now display the month of the first occasion. It is now also possible to send a particular month in the URL. In this case, the calendar of the month in the URL will be displayed. This can be useful, for example, to share a link that will present all event occasions during a certain holiday season.
  • We fixed two language issues on Citybreak Online: One that occurred in Nynorsk, where some attributes displayed the English translation instead of the correct language and some headlines and text wasn’t available in Nynorsk. The other one was the display of the translation string instead of the actual translation on certain widget parts.
  • The old basket widget has now been closed entirely and old code has been removed from our code base.
  • We changed the image gallery on Citybreak Online for See & Do products as the previous version caused display issues in certain operating system and device combinations. With this change, we have also included several smaller fixes, such as improvements while swiping through images and style updates.
  • We made further load improvements on our end-customer facing pages by optimizing existing and removing not required code. We also changed some external libraries that are reducing the load time of our pages.
  • We fixed an issue where a reload of the page was required when you removed products from a basket. Now the basket updates directly without needing to reload the page.

Citybreak Professional

  • We fixed an issue that made it impossible to change the time of an occasion of an event product in Citybreak Professional.
  • If there is no active relationship between an Organizer and supplier, the supplier no longer appears on Citybreak Admin in the supplier search.


  • We updated our code to match Hogia’s latest API release. Issues that are now fixed are errors caused when completing a package booking for a child, a booking on sales agent including a child or when vehicles were added to a booking.
  • We did some improvements in our integration hub “Travel Switch”: We have improved the way we do calendar searches on Sales Agent and Citybreak Online. Searches with the external systems “Skibar” and “Hyrboende” are now performing much faster than previously.
  • We finalized our integration to the digital marketing tool “MarketHype”. If you are interested in this new marketing integration, please contact our customer success team.

Citybreak APIs

  • It is now possible for an agent, to access more several Citybreak Organizers with a single API Key. In order to do so, the agent uses the Point of Sales IDs from different Citybreak Organizers in one API Key.
  • On the Citybreak Galaxy API, we now support Virtual Credit Card guarantee. For more information, please have a look at our Galaxy API documentation.
  • We fixed an issue in the CBIS API where we displayed wrong occasion dates on event products due to a caching issue.
  • On the Citybreak Galaxy API, we fixed two issues in our content calls. One where you didn’t get any content on "standalone" activity products (i.e. activity products without a parent product) and one where you didn't get all accommodation products that had a certain CBIS reference. 

WebX  & WebX Stays

  • On CBIS product lists, it is now possible to use image tags from CBIS to display certain images in the list (for example to tag an image on CBIS with the tag ‘Easter’, which will only show the easter image in the CBIS product list). This features requires a quick setup per customer from WebX
  • We are now supporting Outdoor Active and can display tour overviews and individual tours via the WebX CMS.
  • On WebX Stays, It is now possible to display accommodation products even before a date search (“no-search results”). This is currently possible if the total amount of properties is less than 150.
  • We have added a new setting on Stays to select whether or not to display the map from start on mobile devices or desktop.