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Citybreak Release Notes 6 Oct 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • If using “reference currency”, it is now clearer what currency the customer will be charged with. We are now displaying the actual currency of the transaction and its value next to the payment methods in the checkout.
  • We fixed a display issue on the detail page on “Citybreak Online for See & Do products” that sometimes occurred when a product has child products. In some browsers, the helper icon for date filtering caused issues in combination with a sticky navigation bar.
  • We fixed an issue on the merchandise widget where sometimes the wrong header text was shown.
  • On the detail page on “Citybreak Online for See & Do Products”, we removed a navigation issue that sometimes caused the end-user to double-click to display content.
  • On the Activity Transport widget, if a product only has one departure time in a direction but several departure times in the other direction, the user interface was not clear. We have now added a header for each of these departure types ("Outbound" or "Inbound") to make it clearer and improve the booking experience for the end-customer.
  • On the list page on “Citybreak Online for See & Do Products”, we did improvements around the image resolution that earlier sometimes led to images not having the most optimal resolution. This is important as it increases performance, load time and user experience for the end-user.
  • It is now possible to navigate through the listing view on “Citybreak Online for See & Do Products” entirely with the keyboard. We also fixed several smaller issues, such as a misleading product count and non-clickable elements on the map.
  • A display issue, that occurred on some mobile devices on the product detail page for products without images has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue around deep links with categories that did not work as intended on the listing page for “Citybreak Online for See & Do Products”.
  • Corrected an issue related to the "all photos" galley view on todo detail page.

Citybreak Admin

  • We updated the Citybreak Packaging admin interface to make it clearer what certain settings and functions do and updated the wording to better match our whole product portfolio.
  • We fixed an issue in our legacy voucher module on Citybreak Admin where sometimes the “sent voucher list” was not updated correctly.
  • In flexible packages (= packages where the customer is presented with options to choose from) where external products have been connected, we now provide the end-customer with only the product options that correspond to the rate code (or products in the ratecode) that have been connected with the package collection. Previously, with external products in flexible packages, the end-customer was presented with all products.

Citybreak Sales agent

  • Fixed the manage user and organization tab for agent organization - was broken due to a previews API upgrade
  • Corrected an activity transport UI problem when trying to book a product with several departures options.

Citybreak Integrations & API

  • We have fixed the add-on flow for customers who have Ferry gateway operators as well as other connectors operators in parallel. Now the Add-on page displays the correct add-ons for each combination.
  • It is now possible in our integration to R360 to distinguish requests from different agents.
  • We did some technical improvements in the Bokun integration that makes price group mapping less error-prone.
  • We fixed an issue in our integration to Zaui that resulted in certain price groups not being bookable even though there was availability.
  • We fixed an issue in the Bookit ferry integration that occurred when available ferry trips were selected that had zero availability for vehicles.
  • The Citybreak Galaxy API now contains content on accommodation add-ons.
  • It is now possible to limit search periods in the filter search form on Citybreak Online for Accommodations.
  • We corrected the format type in the Keycard field for Ski pass sales which looked like a date field instead of a number field.