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Citybreak Release Notes 6 Oct 2020

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • New booking documents now support salespoint content to brand your documents
  • The logic in booking documents, CB Online Checkout and MyPage for iTicket products has been updated so that we display CBIS content in these places first. If this is not available, the content from iTicket will be displayed (fallback)
  • In booking documents, we added a “View on Map” link to display cabins when they are grouped in a cabin village or similar
  • We prepared for a CB Voucher redesign and updated the backend technology
  • We fixed an issue with a setting that prevented zero value bookings



  • We fixed an issue where we did not display the date of "open departure activities" on booking documents (activities without an entry time).
  • We added iTicket remarks to the Citybreak booking documents

Citybreak Online

  • Shortened the standard SEO title length to meet best practices in SEO so you can rank higher on search engines
  • Updates in Cabin Villages: It is now possible to use HTML in cabin descriptions on CBIS, we added a link to a detail page and we added a map to see the position of a cabin (if this information is available on CBIS)
  • We fixed a bug with gift cards and added proper error-handling in the CB Online Checkout

Package Module

  • We fixed an issue where the package date was not displayed in certain situations
  • We added some styling to the package widget calendar so it follows the theme colour for available dates
  • A new setting for the accommodation step has been added that allows users to skip/hide a step if only one selectable option is available.
  • A new setting for the accommodation and todo steps has been added that hides optional add-ons during the package booking flow (these will be available via the checkout)
  • We performed a couple of fixes in the admin interface of packages for increased usability, such as duration/time improvements and direct validation when setting up or editing a package.
  • We fixed an issue in the product report when two packages in one booking were added