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Citybreak Release Notes 6 May 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We have now made it possible for customers to apply the up-sell configuration on points of sales yourself.
  • We added support to use promotion codes on the booking widgets for merchandise products.
  • We optimized Citybreak Online to also index on the search engine Bing.
  • We fixed a problem where we did not preselect the “country of residence” ‘Denmark’ in the checkout page for Danish customers.

Citybreak Information System (CBIS)

  • It is now possible to customize the SEO title and the SEO description for CBIS products. By default, we keep using the product title as SEO title and the Introduction as SEO description. If you want to use different SEO titles and SEO descriptions than these ones, contact our Customer Success team to set this up for you.
  • An error where we created duplicates of images when a focal point was set, has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where we synched old (deleted) availability groups from Citybreak to CBIS, which lead to wrong occasions on CBIS.


  • We have updated our integration to R360 and have done changes to the way we retrieve availability. This is particularly interesting to the new cabin guide that is built by the WebX team.
  • We fixed an issue with the R360 calendar search where the availability sometimes returned 0, when the search was triggered from the Citybreak Galaxy API.
  • Citybreak now also supports the checkout style of Nets EASY. Submitted customer details are forwarded from Nets EASY to Citybreak and are forwarded to eventual external systems.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • On Sales Agent we fixed an issue where we sometimes did not display the correct images for Synxis integrations.
  • For bookings with products from external systems where the external system caused an error during booking, it is now possible to cancel a booking only in Citybreak and to bypass the external system. In this case you can cancel the booking in the external system manually. This is particularly interesting if bookings are not confirmed in all external systems and enables you to solve such problems manually.
  • On Sales Agent, if during a booking an error text appears, you can now click a Copy button to copy the error message to your clipboard. This should make it easier when you need help from the Citybreak Customer Success team.
  • When editing a transportation reservation, we now pre-populate the previously selected price group, which makes it easier to do changes to the booking.
  • We fixed a problem in Sales Agent for iTicket products where you could not complete a basket when you had products with very many different price groups in it.
  • We fixed a problem where we sent payment reminders to customers on A-Agent bookings.
  • We now display Citybreak vouchers in Sales Agent to the booking person. Previously this was not possible when you booked Citybreak and iTicket products in the same checkout.


  • On the ToDo-Step, we now ignore all custom html-code on CBIS product descriptions.
  • In the lightbox that appears when clicking on a certain product in a package, we remove all custom html-code as well.