Citybreak release notes 5 June 2024

Features and Improvements

CB online Klarna

  • Company Bookings via PSP Klarna - We've added the possibility for company bookings through PSP Klarna. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.
    Klarna b2b

Sales Agent 

  • Preferred Transport Route for Flight Booking - Added support for specifying preferred transport routes in the Sales Agent module for flight bookings.


  • BookingFlow Arrangements/Events Seating Availability - Enhanced control of seating availability for arrangements/events in BookingFlow by adding support to handle a session key when provided by the iTicket API. (Will be in usage after iTickets next release)

CB online 

  • Package Accommodation Room Images - Updated package accommodation room images to load faster and incorporated our generic image UI gallery component in the room list.

Most notable bug fixes

  • iTicket Activity Transport Booking - Resolved an issue with iTicket activity transport booking when using dynamic packages.

  • Sales Report Creation Timeout - Fixed an issue where Sales report creation timed out in certain scenarios.

  • iTicket BookingFlow UI - Fixed a minor UI issue in the iTicket booking flow related to setting the same optional add-ons for all.

For any inquiries or feedback, please contact us via [email protected].