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Citybreak Release Notes 27 Oct 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We are working on an improved booking flow for iTicket products via Citybreak Online. In the future, the booking flow will be much more dynamic and present the customer with a flexible flow based on the configuration of the product on iTicket.
  • We have upgraded Citybreak Online to use the Vue 3 framework. This technical upgrade brings improvements in terms of speed and security and is now used on all projects in relation to Citybreak Online. At the same time we have removed old and unused code to make Citybreak more robust and secure.
  • Fixed a complementary field description display issue in Citybreak online - we no longer display html in the output to the endcustomer
  • We have taken several actions that improve the security of our solutions, such as updated firewall security, test and dev environment, user permissions, etc.
  • We fixed an issue with using promocodes that sometimes weren’t working properly.
  • Did some important mantanance. Removed legacy code related to an older accommodation guide and ferry booking flow in Citybreak online.
  • We have built a new Online for customers using our WebX solutions. In the WebX Stays Online, website visitors can search on all available accommodation products (hotels, cabins and cabin villages) at the same time. When a search is made, the Citybreak Galaxy API provides fast results. WebX customers can provide to end-customers a free date search or a calendar search with restricted arrival and depature days.
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Citybreak Information System (CBIS)

  • We fixed an issue with focal points on images that did not always follow on Citybreak Online.

Citybreak Financials

  • Due to VAT changes in some countries, we have created a conversion procedure that allows us to centrally update the VAT of existing bookings if the wrong VAT has been calculated.

Integrations / APIs

  • We have added payment methods on our supported payment service providers: Via SwedbankPay it is now possible to accept Trustly payments. Via Adyen, it is now possible to accept Trustly, SOFORT (Germany, Austria) and iDeal (Netherlands).
  • We fixed an issue with our old Apsis (“Apsis Pro”) integration that prevented new files with booking data to be generated.
  • We have added full support for both net and gross rates with the new Bookvisit – Citybreak integration.
  • The Citybreak Galaxy API now supports prioritized agreements, which places those agreements to the top of the search results.
  • In our integration to Bokun, we can now map the pickup time with the pickup time stored on Bokun.
  • We fixed an issue in the trekksoft integration where the day picker showed green (“available”) days, but there was no availability.

Citybreak Admin

  • We have added new user rights for the Insight dashboard and Billing overviews. You can assign these user rights to any user. Note that users that do not have these rights assigned, won’t be able to view the Insights dashboard or the billing overview anymore.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the user form editing bookings on Citybreak Professional.
  • Fixed an agreement name validation issue the sometimes occurred when editing an agreement in Citybreak admin.
  • Added more data entities in Citybreak Insights in the advanced view we know have support for package id, package name & supplier name. This is very helpful for users that would like to see the sales numbers in a package and supplier context.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • We fixed an issue that prevented the user from editing an existing booking with a return later than 7 days.
  • When booking an accommodation over the shift of a month, Sales Agent sometimes calculated the total amount of nights incorrectly. This issue has been fixed and the number of days is now reflecting the correct amount of days.
  • When booking transportation products using different locations, we now display “Tour 1” and “Tour 2” to the user, instead of the previous “Outbound” and “Homebound”.