Citybreak Release Notes 27 June 2024

Features and Improvements

CB Online

  • Product infomation modal improvement for packages - We have added dynamic package USP in the product modal in CB online, this content modal is accessible via all basket views + mypage.
    Package USP

CB online

  • My page booking display improvement - We have improved cancelation fees display in CB online my page for the booking detail view.


  • Prepared for fixing a Citybreak - iTicket order mismatch issues - This has occurred for some customers in the past. When in production we will start a migration internal to move customers affected to the new path.

Various bug fixes

  • CB insight update – We have improved the data display for arrival date VS departure date search included/excluding VAT
  • Corrected and removed todays date in BookingFlow widget header for (no date) merchandise products. This is the expected display now.
  • We have added a callback for Klarna PSP to improve the handling of failures in the payment flow.
  • Removed a ferry addon sidebar “total package price” display that we did not have any need for any longer in the UI.
  • Addressed an issue that affected a few customers from receiving confirmation e-mail on booking changes.
  • Fixed a issue for edit accommodation product in booking that some time lost the configuration when user switch between languages in Sales Agent. 
  • Nets Easy checkout had a country selection issue, user selected a country and that was not always represented in Document, this now is fixed.


For any inquiries or feedback, please contact our support via [email protected].