Citybreak Release Notes 27 June 2022

Citybreak Online

  • We fixed two issues in our activity transport widget:
    • One was that in certain languages the month was displayed incorrectly when a promo code has been added.
    • The second issue was when you selected a date and a price group and then changed the date, the previously added price group remained selected. Both issues are now fixed.
  • An issue has been fixed that sometimes occurred when arrival day was set to the first day of the month. In some cases, it was not possible to choose a departure day.
  • An issue with iTicket merchandise products has been fixed that wasn’t removable from the basket. Also, iTicket merchandise products now show a short description in the basket.
  • In CB online todo guide we now listen to a product publish date. If set to the future, the product will not appear online until the date is met.
  • We updated the filter design in our Citybreak Online for See & Products: In each filter category, we now display fewer filters but display a “Show more” option. Also, we have re-designed the location filter. They now display the whole category tree in a nice way.Dalarna filters



Citybreak Professional / Citybreak Admin

  • We are now linking return trips to the outbound trip when booking return ferry tickets. This makes it possible to cancel the entire trip if needed, not only one part of the journey.


  • It is now possible to do calendar searches in our connectors Dhisco and Synxis. This makes it, for example, possible to display a calendar on Stays or Citybreak Sales Agent with bookable dates for properties using these connectors (previously only searches with concrete days gave a result).
  • We added additional logs to our R360 Connector, which will make it easier to provide support in case of issues.
  • We fixed an issue in our Bookvisit – Citybreak integration where in rare cases, cabins weren’t bookable.
  • In the booking confirmation, we fixed an issue where sometimes the cancellation policy of properties using our new Bookvisit – Citybreak integration wasn't displayed.
  • An issue caused by an API update in the Hogia Connector has been fixed that sometimes made it impossible to book a ferry package with children.

Citybreak Sales Agent

  • On Sales Agent, we fixed an issue with iTicket products where the calendar wasn’t shown before you changed the month. This has now been fixed and the calendar will show the current month directly.