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Citybreak Release Notes 27 Aug 2021

Citybreak Online

  • On Citybreak Online, we have added the display of strikethrough prices for iTicket products. The old prices will be visible as strike through prices on the booking widget for Activities, the checkout page and confirmation documents.
    strikethrough prices
  • For the new Citybreak Online for See & Do products, we have added settings on Citybreak that allows the implementation team to do the following (​if you want to change any of these settings, please contact us via [email protected]):
    • Show/hide:
      • Map
      • Search form
      • Filter
    • Set default map display:
      • Sid by side
      • Closed
      • Fullscreen
  • We did some improvements to the photo upload for ski passes so that uploading images is more user-friendly.
  • We updated the date format on the customer information page so that it reflects the user’s data-format. This is needed for example when the user has to enter their date of birth.
  • Some error messages when being sent back to Citybreak Online from an external PSP (Payment Service Provider) page, has been improved, for example when payment failed.
  • It is now more clear how much Add-Ons cost per price group for external activities. Instead of “10 EUR for Adult” we now display “10 EUR for 1 Adult” in the booking flow.
  • An issue in the description of package steps in Norwegian has been solved. Now Citybreak Online follows the descriptions that are set on Citybreak Admin.
  • We fixed an issue with promocodes for external cabins in the Citybreak Online for Cabins where sometimes valid promocodes couldn’t be validated.
  • We fixed two display issues in the activity transport widget: Sometimes we displayed two “Next”-buttons and in other cases, the widget automatically scrolled without user input.


  • We have added Up-Selling products to the customer’s MyPage. With this update, products that are available for up-selling are now visible on the confirmation page, MyPage booking detail page and in the confirmation document.
  • We updated the date presentation on MyPage booking details for Citybreak activities. Now MyPage and the confirmation documents display the dates in the same way.

Sales Agent

  • We improved the reset password process and now provide a more descriptive error message on and on when entering the wrong username.
  • We fixed a format issue in the phone number on Sales Agent checkout. The error occurred in certain cases, when the Sales Agent user changed an existing booking that was made via another storefront.
  • We fixed an issue in the calculation of insurance cost that occured when a booking was amended and a person was removed and another one added. Now the cancellation insurance always is based on the number of people that are connected to a product.
  • We fixed a problem where we sometimes displayed duplicated attributes in the accommodation filter on the sidebar.
  • The text for cancellation fees is now taken from the translated version, if available. Previously, on Sales Agent and in confirmation documents, the translated versions were ignored.
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when added credit card details were supposed to be validated on Sales Agent.


  • Our new integration to Carus via FerryGateway is now online and fully functional. The new integration supports real-time sync on rates, availability, content, bookings, cancellations and Add-Ons.
  • We have added a new payment service provider: “Adyen”. We currently support credit cards, Swish, Vipps and mobilePay (DK/FI), but Adyen offers many more payment methods, such as AliPay, wechat or Sofort. Contact us if you want to know more.
  • In the iTicket - Citybreak integration, we have made it possible to do non-product-related changes (such as adding a note to the supplier or updating customer information) without needing to create a new ticket number. Such changes will now be sent to iTicket directly under the same booking version.
  • We are now properly displaying the BookVisit cancellation policy on all Citybreak confirmation documents when the booking was made via Citybreak.
  • We continued working on our automated migration process for customers that want to switch from the old BookVisit - Citybreak Integration to the new one.