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Citybreak Release Notes 26 May 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We have continued with our new and improved Citybreak Online ToDo booking guide. This booking guide comes with a complete re-design and new features & functions. A newsletter will be sent out soon.
  • We have improved our test automation of Citybreak Online by randomly booking products on our test environment. We use the results to continuously keep track of the availability of our systems.
  • We have done updates to our e-mailing service to comply with higher security standards when exchanging data between Citybreak products and our external e-mail service.
  • For Citybreak Galaxy API users that use the Citybreak checkout (= “hybrid checkout”), we are now displaying the add-ons page after clicking “Continue” on the checkout page.
  • For iTicket transportation products we have made it clearer to the end-customer on Citybreak Online what the costs for Add-ons are for each selected price group.
  • We have added the occasion time on Citybreak vouchers for activity products.
  • We have added a setting to Citybreak Online that allows you to present the end-customer with a lightbox to “Login” or to “Continue as guest” when they have come to the last booking step “customer details”. There is also a forgot password option on that lightbox.


  • We have continued development work on our new BookVisit Integration. Among other things, Citybreak now sends commission levels to BookVisit on each booking. A Newsletter with more information will follow.
  • For products coming from the Bokun connector, we have now added support for both pickup place and pickup time.
  • We are now supporting Visbook events on Citybreak.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • We have fixed a problem with guest information when editing bookings on Sales Agent, for example, in certain situations, first name and last name needed to be re-added when a new booking version was created.
  • The action buttons on Sales Agent basket (right side) now only display “Add add-ons” or “Remove products” when this operation is supported for that particular product.
  • On the booking details view on Sales Agent (left side), we now have a “Remove package” button for dynamic packages.
  • The modify button on individual products now also only shows operations that are possible for that particular product.