Citybreak Release Notes 23 March 2023

Citybreak Online

  • Fixed an issue where package light from BookVisit with no sellable period restriction disappeared for a short period when updates were made 
  • We did a minor UI fix on the “remove” product button in an expired basket mode. Before the button (the word “remove”) was displayed with a strikethrough, now it is just a plain “Remove”.
  • We have changed so that when a customer clicks the “cancel” button in the basket the customer is redirected to the start page of your choice (that you added during the implementation of Citybreak). If there is no start page added the customer will stay on the basket page.

Sales Agent

  • From now on you can only edit prices on products on the “Details/Product list" in Sales Agent if:
    • Your organization allows editing in the basket AND
      • You have Easy Access products OR
      • You have iTicket products AND Visit Group has activated a setting that allows price overrides in Sales Agent.
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] if you have any questions regarding these changes.


  • In some scenarios when you wanted to amend and add addons to an existing booking with BookVisit products you got an error message in Sales Agent. We have now identified the issue and solved it.
  • We have improved the price description for BookVisit addons. The customer will now see if the addon price is per day, per unit. Before we only displayed the rate and price group (adult, child).