release notes

Citybreak Release Notes 21 November 2022

Citybreak Galaxy API 

  • There was an issue with the Galaxy API which did not fetch the right availability information. This is now fixed. 

Citybreak Sales Agent 

  • Fixed an issue for AccommodationFerry package that occurred when having several search forms active in same the same session. 

Citybreak Online 

  • We have implemented a nice-looking loader to the basket function in Citybreak Online. It will appear when you add/remove products. 

  • We have removed old and unused code, to make Citybreak faster and increase stability and user-friendliness. 

Book Visit integration 

  • We now support prices from BookVisit in the Galaxy API calendar. 

  • There was a bug in the BookVisit integration which caused an error when booking a room with the addon “Optional one per room”. This error has been fixed. 

  • We have improved the booking flow for BookVisit add-ons. The availability-check on add-ons is now made earlier in the booking flow, which gives a better user experience. The user no longer ends up on an error page when the add-on is sold out. 

  • We made some improvements in the BookVisit integration on price categories for add-ons. 

External integrations 

  • There was an issue where preordered meals did not transfer to Bookit. This is now solved.  

  • There was an issue with the R360 integration which did not allow bookings to be made over two price periods. This is now fixed.