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Citybreak Release Notes 21 Dec 2020

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • It is now possible to add a script for cookie consent that will be loaded before all other scripts. In order to achieve this, it is required to add a data tag to the template page (= the page that provides the header and footer for Citybreak Online). A more detailed description can be found here: 
  • We have made major improvements to the loading speed on MyPage. The list of bookings now loads faster even when several bookings are loaded. 
  • We have done updates to the “Commit Service” (that makes a booking out of a basket or that changes a booking): Citybreak Support can now easier identify the issue of a failed booking. In the future, we will have routines for more rare cases, for example when a customer wishes to edit a booking where the price agreement had been removed before.
  • We have made improvements to Citybreak insights to load data faster.
  • When using a map other than Visit’s default map provider, for example Norkart, an error message will be displayed if the provided API key is incorrect 

Dynamic Packages

  • On Accommodation and Ferry Package, it is now possible to select meal options (for conferences) in the checkout
  • It is now possible to display a list of todo products on a package step from which the customer selects one to continue.
  • We fixed an issue where a package wasn't bookable when the same channel agreement was used on several steps.
  • The package step descriptions are now properly added on all relevant displays in the Citybreak online booking flow, so that it is possible to provide more accurate and clear descriptions to users.
  • The package image content is now displayed in Citybreak online.
  • The entire package flow now supports reference currency.
  • It is now possible to set the default sorting on the accommodation step in packages.


  • We can now forward the address and Citybreak booking number via the Carrus integration.
  • We fixed an error with complementary add-ons from Bokún where complementary add-on names were required on both systems.


  • We have build a foundation and added automated testing to make future changes on Citybreak documents more safe during new development.
  • If you create a booking in Sales Agent and add a company name, the company name is now displayed in the booking confirmations.
  • On ferry journeys where there is more than one vessel per direction, it is now clearer to see which vessels the customer is taking and where the customer needs to change to the next vessel (trans-ship journeys).
  • The amount on "Left to pay" on the booking documents is now reduced by already captured credit card payments (previously this amount did not include captured credit card payments)..


  • We have done improvements to the integration between iTicket and Citybreak: Promocodes are now validated, descriptions on add-ons are properly transferred to Citybreak, the transport widget now displays availability states.
  • We are now forwarding the name and the code of the channel and the name and the code of the sales point of a booking to the external system. This additional information can be used in iTicket reports as well.
  • We fixed an issue where we displayed an internal ID when iTicket add-ons didn't have descriptions
  • We are loading instructions for complementary fields (such as, for example, in what format to enter a telephone number) from iTicket so that they are now properly displayed on Citybreak.
  • We have temporarily removed the "Message to supplier" field for iTicket products and prepared for when this feature is available on iTicket.
  • An issue with the text field "Location", which wasn't displayed on Citybreak when it was longer than 50 characters, has been fixed.
  • Citybreak now supports the "Location Everywhere" option from iTicket (where products can be booked from and to any location)

Citybreak Information System (CBIS)

  • We fixed an issue where incoming products on CBIS could not be approved when the only change that needed to be approved was a replaced image.

Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice

  • The Accommodation and Ferry Package is now bookable on Sales Agent / Callcenter.
  • It is now mandatory for sales agent users to specify the vehicle type in order to complete a search including a ferry.
  • In packages with accommodations, we now display all available accommodation for that step (previously, only the first 20 accommodations were visible).
  • We fixed an issue on sales agent, where preliminary bookings sometimes were set as cancelled.

Citybreak Galaxy API

  • We have made improvements in the error messages, for example when a call to display calendar results is made where the underlying integration does not support this type of call. Instead of an empty answer, a proper error message is now displayed.
  • We have replaced the unit “nights” with “StayLengths” to include a wider range of products.