Citybreak Release Notes 21 April 2023

 Citybreak Online / MyPage

  • Fixed a display issue for bookings in MyPage with status re-canceled, where the booking was incorrectly displayed as an active booking. Now, when a booking is "re-canceled" it is correctly displayed under "My previous bookings".
  • Updated buttons when users edit bookings via MyPage. We now handle states like disabled or not disabled better.
  • Fixed a metadata issue on the package detail page used for content preview when posting URLs on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Updated all new calendars to the latest version on all places where it is used, eg. on the to-do list and some detail to-do pages, including some minor style fixes.
  • Updated our multi-select component (where you search for a location, category, product and etc) in the todo search form to a new version + some style fixes.


  • We have added more possibilities to handle content for cabin add-ons for ferry in CBIS.
  • Fixed a bug where the duration for the ferry crossing was not displayed correctly when the ferry passed a Time zone during the journey.

Citybreak Sales Agent

  • We fixed a bug where the price sorting did not work as expected for accommodation when booking a package in Sales Agent.

Citybreak Financials

  • We have focused on improving the integration to Nets Easy:
    • Fixed an error where the customer sometimes came to an error page even though payment was successful.
    • Rounding issues resulted in the wrong amount in some scenarios. This is now fixed. 
    • The VAT when using AfterPay payment was sometimes incorrect. This is now fixed.
    • Refunds were not sent to Nets Easy on rare occasions. These occasions have been identified and we have fixed the root cause.
    • We added more logic to specifically address some scenarios when servers are not responsive (eg. timeouts).
    • Improved the flow when paying with VIPPS and Trustly.
    • Nets Easy checkout is now supported from My Page.
    • We added new logging to have more data if there are other problems on Nets Easy in the future.
  • We have made improvements to our Klarna integration: 
    • Stability fixes in the Klarna checkout solution.
    • Now you can combine Klarna with other payment options in the same Citybreak payment checkout.
    • We now support payment by Klarna on My Page.
  • We fixed some connectivity issues with InExchange and you can now send e-invoices again.

Galaxy API

  • We now set "CustomerType" (Private or Company) on bookings made via Galaxy.