Citybreak Release Notes 19 October 2023


  • We have made improvements to the GA4 categories. We added more data to the categories (non-CBIS categories), eg. add-ons, ferry, and flight.
  • We have made performance improvements for the BookingFlow product.

CB Online

  • We have enhanced our support for WCAG with calendar keyboard navigation.
  • Bookingflow Widget calendar keyboard navigation improvements to enhance (WCAG).
  • Fixed a problem where a “company booking” made in Sales Agent, did not load as expected when you logged in to the booking on CB online My Page.
  • Fixed a My Page issue where BookingFlow products could not be removed and re-added on the same booking version.
  • Fixed an issue where we did not validate the promo code correctly for accommodation discounts.

Sales Agent

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to re-cancel a booking.


  • The quick comparison boxes on the Insights dashboard (Total sales, Total bookings, Revenue per booking) have been altered. If you search for Today, This month, or This year, the comparative period is now filtered on the same hour/day for last year, giving you a better running comparison when glancing at this. Especially noticeable early in a day, a month, or a year.


  • We now support campaign prices from R360. A campaign price is presented as a discounted price in Stays and Sales Agent.


  • Sorry! No release notes for iTicket this time.