Citybreak Release Notes 19 January 2024

iTicket Booking Flow

  • We improved Channel updates in Citybreak for iTicket Booking flow distribution, which means more reliable and quicker updates of products from iTicket to CB Online and Sales Agent.

  • iTicket Booking Flow campaign information and promo codes are now displayed in Sales Agent and CB Online basket views and confirmation documents.A screen shot of a computer

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A screen shot of a ticket

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  • We have added support for decimals in the Booking Flow widget (Now the amount follows the selected online settings (if the settings allow rounding with decimals we display that).

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  • We have removed all deprecated Google tracking versions from Citybreak.

  • In Sales Agent, we previously displayed "Credit Card" as the payment type for all payments made through our PSP partners. We have changed that and now display the detailed payment method as received from our partners. We now clearly state a payment made by Swish, VISA, Trustly, and Klarna. The change affects Sales Agent, MyPage area, and documents. 

A screenshot of a credit card

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Citybreak Online

  • We have fixed the “cancel” button on the Customer Information page always to move the user back to the /basket page if no external redirect is implemented. 

Sales Agent

  • We added support for searching on an e-mail address in the Sales Agent customer tab. 

Citybreak Financials

  • In Financials, we now support reporting to Swedish tax authorities following the EU directive DAC7. Read more about the DAC7 at Skatteverket here. You can find more information on how you administrate the reporting in Financials here.