Citybreak Release Notes 18 January 2023

CB Online

  • We are running an internal migration project for CSS hosting for CB Online, with the goal of having faster updated CSS changes for all customers. We are approx. 50% done with the migration for CB Online in production. We identified some flaws on January 10 that we have now fixed to ensure a safer environment for all customers.
  • Sometimes when the first arrival date was in the future we displayed today’s date in the calendar on external todo products in CB Online. This is now fixed.
  • There was a rounding issue when you had a discount on an iTicket product. This is now fixed.
  • If a supplier only had ratings available (and no reviews) the Review/rating tab was not visible on the Detail page. This is now fixed and you can look at a supplier's ratings even though they do not have any reviews.
  • The Promo code field on the TransportActivityWidget was incorrectly hidden. The field is now back.
  • The images for the cabins in a cabin village were missing. They are now back and visible.
  • Sometimes we displayed different rounding amounts in the basket. This is now fixed.
  • Improved the display of BookVisit addons in CB Online.
  • We changed the icon on the Todo map from a man walking to a "map pin".

Sales Agent

  • There was a bug in the way we handle pagination in the booking overview in Sales Agent. This meant that all bookings were not presented in the booking overview in Sales Agent, in certain circumstances. This issue is now fixed.
  • There was a bug that made it possible to commit a booking to a negative price in a very specific case, where an Organizer booked on behalf of an agent and was too generous with discounts and changing of the product price. We have now expanded our way of checking if a booking is valid, which means that it is no longer possible to commit a booking to a negative price.
  • In Sales Agent, the calendar of a product from an External system was displaying availability for a longer period than the product actually was possible to book. The calendar is now displaying the same availability as we get from the external system.
  • Improved error handling in Sales Agent, when you tried to commit a booking with a negative price (eg. if you had changed to a lower product price than what the price of the subproducts had in total).
  • The bookings in the booking overview in Sales Agent are now sorted in this order:
    • Booking date is sorted with newest date first.
    • Arrival date is sorted with first arrival date first.
    • Departure date is sorted with first arrival date first.

Citybreak Financials

  • Improved stability in our external checkout solution (eg. the PSP:s Klarna and Nets Easy checkout).


Galaxy API

  • Due to a bug, it was impossible to request Transport price groups via Galaxy API. This is now fixed.

Citybreak Admin

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to cancel or edit a booking in Citybreak Admin.
  • We have changed the behavior on how to download some of our bigger reports, like Booking Analysis per Country and Product report.
    • When you click on download on any of these reports you will find your reports on a new page called Pending Reports.
    • Be patient, it will probably take some time before the Report is ready for downloading, especially if it is a report with a lot of data.
    • If it is a big report, or the date span is very long the report will be automatically split into 2 reports.
    • When the report is done, you click on the Download button, which downloads the report for you in an Excel format.
    • The reports will be at Pending Reports for 24h.
    • If the Report fails, it is possible to do a Retry.
    • The reports are available per user.

Note! If you cannot extract the report, even though you have retried several times, choose a shorter time interval and try again.

Reports demo