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Citybreak Release Notes 18 Jan 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • We fixed an issue where the product report provided a wrong result if one and the same package was booked more than once in one booking.
  • We are now fully supporting 3rd party Cookie Consent scripts and you can load a script in Citybreak Online. More details on how this is done can be found here: 
  • On Citybreak MyPage we are now displaying all products within a package.
  • We fixed an issue where in the past two weeks – if this option was set – we did not auto-cancel preliminary bookings (completed, but not yet paid bookings).
  • We prepared the listing of todo-products on Citybreak Online so that in the future we will be able to display highlighted attributes.
  • We made improvements and solved some smaller issues when new users are added to Citybreak.
  • We fixed an issue with calendar week calculation around the change of the year where in some cases it was not possible to book. This fix also applies to all future year changes.


  • We fixed an issue where Citybreak did not process bookings with VAT levels coming from source systems that were unknown to Citybreak. These bookings were declined, now we are logging them and provide an error message.
  • With the R360 integration, we have improved the logic on how we store prices, which results in faster searching speed.

Updated Ferry + Accommodation Package

  • We have migrated the Ferry + Accommodation package to the new package module
  • It is now possible to add more than 1 accommodation product, add activities to the package or change the order of the package step
  • This package now also supports the “Why?”-button on Sales Agent if a user cannot book a package (see below under Sales Agent/Callcenter).
  • More detailed information will follow in a Newsletter soon.

Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice

  • If a product is not bookable, users can click the “Why?”-button to get information why products aren’t bookable. This is now also possible with Accommodation + Accommodation packages.

Citybreak Galaxy API

  • In Version 5 we have done changes to the /api/content/product endpoint:


    • On the request side, the Point of Sales ID is now called “PointOfSalesId” (instead of “PointOfSales”).
    • The response is now paginated, therefore the list of results is now under “Items”.
    • The documentation has been updated:
  • The Citybreak Galaxy API now supports Promo Codes.
  • We have further improved error handling by providing more useful error messages.

Citybreak Financials

  • It is now possible to search for delayed invoices by Booking number. Users can now also view what bookings were made on a delayed invoice
  • We added the possibility to search for customer invoices by amount range in case users need to make a broader search without knowing the exact amount.
  • We have added support for e-invoicing in Norway through our partner "inexchange". For further information, please contact us.