Citybreak Release Notes 16 June 2023

CB online

  • We added “item_brand” to the GA4 item list for all events we support currently. This new field is populated with the Citybreak supplier organization name. For more GA4 info click here.
  • Fixed a complementary information issue on GIT Golf packages.
  • A My page “edit booking”-error is fixed. The issue occurred when adding new products on a new booking version. We have added standard My Page error handlers. The user will now be prompted with an error modal.
  • Corrected the Basket product UI for todo duration products.

Sales Agent

  • Corrected an A-agent price display issue that sometimes occurred on the booking summary when using fees.


  • We have made improvements in the R360 integration for calculations of add-ons and special price setups.
  • Fixed a modification scenario for BookVisit integration when the addons were not updated if you changed a booking to include fewer nights.
  • Added a filter on the Mols connectivity to be able to sort package prices, standard prices, etc.
  • Fixed correct handling of infants for all operators on the Ferry Gateway switch.

iTicket release notes

  • Read about the latest iTicket release notes here.