Citybreak Release Notes 15 September 2022

Citybreak Professional / Citybreak Admin

  • When a user logged in to my page and wanted to edit their booking and remove a product/service, this action was not allowed. The my page-settings are now updated. The user can now both remove and add products on their booking. 
  • Mail styles were lost for Citybreak payment reminder emails. The mail design is now fixed.
  • Key pickup information was missing in some customers booking confirmations. This issue is now solved.

Citybreak Online

  • Free text search caused unwanted recursion on the todo search filter widget. This problem is now fixed and multiple calls from the same function will not cause this problem anymore.
  • In iTicket & CBIS the customer can admin bulletlists and number lists on product descriptions, but they were not shown online. Bulletlist and numberlist are now displayed in CB online todo detail page.

Citybreak Sales Agent 

  • There was a limit of 20 visible accommodations in package search in Sales Agent. The limitation is now removed in the dynamic package accommodation list in Sales Agent. 
  • An issue where price groups for addons was not displayed properly in Sales agent has now been resolved. 


  • In the Ferry Gateway integration, we have introduced a way to narrow down searches on shorter routes where there are many sailings daily which was causing the results to be too big and result in technical time outs
  • We updated some customer terms for flight results

WebX Stays

  • For accommodations coming from external systems that don't support calendar search, we are now displaying a complete calendar to chose dates from. Previously, for those properties, it was not possible to change dates on the detail page.