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Citybreak Release Notes: 15 June 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • The new Citybreak Online for Activities is ready! A Newsletter and blog post will be sent out in calendar week 25.
  • We updated the performance on iTicket bookings, among others, transport products are added to basket faster
  • We fixed an issue where we sometimes did not display the BookVisit cancellation policy for discounted rates when the booking happened via Citybreak Online.
  • We fixed a price group display issue that occurred when several persons on Citybreak Online booked Addons for external activities and iTicket products. The price display issue was on the Add-On page.
  • An issue with the checkout-style payment option on Citybreak Online has been fixed that occurred when a zero-value booking was made when giftcards are active. In these cases, it was not possible to complete the booking.
  • We fixed an issue where in some cases it was not possible to manually resend payment reminders via Citybreak Admin.
  • It is now possible to scan the QR code of a ski pass to reload it. This makes the booking flow for the customers faster and less prone to errors.
screenshot qr code
  • An issue has been fixed, where in certain situations, we did not send out payment reminders as intended. Now this issue has been fixed and all unpaid bookings receive payment reminders, except for A-agent bookings.
  • We fixed a display issue with the names of certain external product Add-ons on booking documents.
  • On Citybreak Online, we have removed the Pay-Button when the booking has expired, in order to avoid payments of an incomplete booking. Instead, the user needs to start over with the booking process.


  • On MyPage we simplified the user interface when editing bookings and have removed the quick link to the “Traveller Infopage” since this was rarely used.


  • We are now rolling out the NEW BookVisit integrator – More information about this migration project will be sent out after summer to all customers. The new BookVisit integrator provides many new features, less administration for customers and brings us a big step closer to a smoother and integrated ecosystem.
  • BookVisit now displays the Citybreak commission in case of working with gross rates (commission percentage on bookings).
  • Working with BV promo-codes for accommodations is now supported in Citybreak by default – without any further administration required!
  • We have made improvements to the Family passes via iTicket: All single products in the family pass are now grouped together and it is not possible anymore to remove single items (for example one child) from the family pass.
screenshot family pass

 Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • Ferry booking in Citybreak Sales Agent previously required T&C to be added in Citybreak to work. This is now optional instead.
  • We fixed an issue related to PDF display for documents where the pdf couldn’t be opened.
  • We fixed an issue in Sales agent related to “Accomodation & Activity” packages that occurred in certain pricegroup combinations.


  • We added several new translation strings in the Package booking view that previously were not possible to translate.