Citybreak Release Notes 13 May 2022


  • We have continued our efforts to shorten the time it takes to present a search result when searching over multiple accommodation systems.
  • It is now possible to add a link to Citybreak MyPage on tickets via iTicket
  • We fixed an issue with our integration to Skibar where, in certain cases, we created two bookings instead of one.
  • It is now possible in our integration to Novasol to do placement searches and bookings via the Citybreak Galaxy API. Previously, placement of guests into rooms needed to be done manually.
  • We fixed a certificate issue in our integration to FerryGateway which returned an error message when trying to book
  • We are now supporting calendar searches in our integration to Skistar.

WebX Stays

  • It is now possible to use promo codes on Stays. Contact the customer success team or your key account manager if you would like this feature activated.

Citybreak Online

  • We fixed a display issue on Citybreak MyPage where in case of product removal, it made the user believe the product has not actually been removed.
  • We fixed a format incompatibility when pushing purchases to the Google Tag Manager data layer. Instead of a comma, we now use a dot, which is the expected format for Google Tag Manager.
  • On Citybreak Online for See & Do Products, we have improved our sorting option: Now, if “random sorting” is selected, we separate bookable from non-bookable products (previously, in random sorting bookable and non-bookable products were presented in the same list).
  • We fixed an issue in the package booking with children/youth age 18+: Previously, the child/youth was assigned the main traveller, which resulted in bookers not being able to complete the booking due to age restrictions in the date of birth field.
  • On Citybreak Online for cabins, we removed an unused map from an older view.
  • On Citybreak Online for Ferry+Accommodation packages, we removed an old price filter option on the sidebar since it already is possible to sort the results by price.
  • In the new basket widget, we have improved the display of flight products.

Citybreak Professional

  • Citybreak Online now takes into account certain EXIF data on images: This ensures, for example, that the orientation of images is correct when images are taken with a mobile device.
  • We fixed an issue where we automatically transformed e-mail addresses in the booking conditions into a URL-Link instead of a mailto-Link. Now this works as expected and e-mail addresses are clickable again.
  • We fixed an issue when setting up packages with a very short bookability period where it was impossible to save arrival and departure days due to a validation error.
  • An issue has been fixed where it was not possible to change the time of occasions.
  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to export reports to an excel spreadsheet.
  • We have removed old an unused translation applications and strings in our ecosystem.

Citybreak Sales Agent

  • We fixed an issue where the print button on a booking wasn’t working. Now the print button opens the document print view again.
  • We added the full descriptions of addons, such as meals, in Sales Agent for ferry products from the Ferry Gateway integration. This is to make it easier for backoffice agents and corresponds with the information on Citybreak Online.
  • When editing a booking on Sales Agent, the amount paid was sometimes not easy to read due to a format error.
  • We reduced the search time for a certain iTicket product setup where activity products are administrated as transport products (for example to be able to use slot times). Now the search performs much faster on Sales Agent.
  • We have added support for VAT on the commission on cancellation insurance.