Citybreak Release Notes 13 March 2024

Features and Improvements

  • Improved iTicket BookingFlow Package Distribution in Citybreak Channels
    Added validation for users in Citybreak channel distribution for iTicket booking flow packages. To ensure the users always connect relevant Pricelist/Rates.
  • Dynamic Package Search and Load Time Metrics
    Added metrics to track dynamic package search and load time, aiming to optimize performance over time.
  • Auto Cancellation Time for Preliminary Booking in Sales Agent
    Users can now set an auto cancellation time for preliminary bookings via Sales Agent. This feature allows bookers to choose the hour at which the booking should be automatically canceled if not paid or upgraded.
  • Confirmation Document UI Enhancement
    Improved UI for "left to pay" in documents for preliminary bookings, making it clearer for end customers.
    And also updates to align the document VS the basket views.


Bug Fixes

  • iTicket BookingFlow Skipass Keycard Validation Issue
    Fixed an issue related to ski pass keycard validation in iTicket BookingFlow.
  • Timezone Bug in iTicket BookingFlow Widget
    Corrected a bug in the iTicket BookingFlow widget that occurred sometimes when booking from different time zones.
  • Dynamic Package booking status cross-ecosystem
    Addressed an issue where the order status in BookVisit didn't update correctly after removing a room in Sales Agent under certain scenarios.
  • Multi-Version iTicket BookingFlow Bookings visibility Issue
    Fixed an issue where some multi-version iTicket BookingFlow orders were not visible in the details view.
  • CB Online Checkout Issue for Citybreaks Cancelation Insurance
    Resolved an issue where Citybreaks cancelation insurance price display did not update correctly throughout the checkout process.
  • iTicket BookingFlow Compliments Issue
    Fixed complimentary information issues that sometimes occurred when booking preliminary bookings via Sales Agent.
  • SSO logout from Admin
  • It is now possible to logout from SSO in Admin, this feature is necessary of you are switching between multiple SSO accounts to work in Admin. Note! As per now you will not be re-directed to the Dashboard after logging out. 




  • Are you curious about what iTicket has been up to lately, check out their Release notes here!


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