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Citybreak Release Notes 13 Apr 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We have continued to prepare for a new generation of the Citybreak Online Guide for To-do products. We will be able to communicate more around this via a Newsletter before the summer 2021. Contact us if you are interested in participating in the beta version of the product list.
  • We have added a new booking widget for Accommodation packages (packages with more than 1 accommodation). You can find documentation about this new widget type here.
  • We fixed an issue with the basket widget where in case of Accommodation and Todo packages, the basket sometimes didn’t display all individual products.
  • During Checkout and on MyPage, we have added a “Resend Password” button for customers so that they quickly and easily will be able to login to MyPage or continue their checkout. When a customer logs in during checkout, the main customer name will automatically be prefilled with his or her details.
  • On the cabin booking detail page, the maximum number of adults did not include extra-beds. Now, cabins that can accommodate the selected amounts of people by using extra beds, will appear in the search result. 
  • We have made improvements to our caching strategy and will not provide the user with cached search results when they come back from a failed booking attempt. This is especially useful if a user tries to book a timeslot that has been booked by someone else at the same time. When this user returns after the failed attempt, Citybreak will not use cached results, but will run a new search.


  • We have removed the Facebook Like-button on Citybreak Online detail pages due to low usage and limited control over the amount of data being exchanged with Facebook.
  • The development work for our improved BookVisit -> Citybreak integration has continued. The team has worked on content update flows and developed  a strategy for migrating active BookVisit integrations to the newest version. A Newsletter will follow later this year when we are ready to start migrating all customers.
  • We are now supporting the payment platform Nets EASY, which can be used as a redirect or a checkout payment solution. With Nets EASY it is also possible to provide new payment methods without needing Citybreak to add these payment methods manually and to provide “After-Pay” (payment per invoice) to end-customers.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • We have added many more modification possibilities to Ferry packages on Citybreak Sales Agent / Callcenter (available to Organizors). It is now possible to change only one of the journeys, for example only the inbound trip by keeping the outbound trip, or adding or removing an accommodation. 

Booking Documents

  • We fixed an issue where sometimes the number of persons on the booking confirmation document did not correspond with the voucher.


  • We have added more tools for our support team to find missing products in packages, for example if you miss a language translation or if you have manually removed a product from a channel. The most common issues are provided via the “Why-not-bookable” button on Citybreak Sales Agent / Callcenter.
  • Golf can now be used in dynamic packages as regular todo products. It is therewith possible to use all features and functions of dynamic packaging in combination with golf products.