release notes

Citybreak Release Notes 12 December 2022

Citybreak Online / MyPage

  • There was an issue where the room/private cabin content was missing when booking a dynamic package in CB Online. The content is now visible again.
  • We now always display the “Travel Rating tab", even though the product has no score summary yet.
  • It is now possible to have a unique translation for the "Unavailable" notification in the widget when there are no availability/valid price lists. 
  • Updated Activity Transport widget to allow special characters on the locations.

Citybreak Professional / Citybreak Admin

  • Added flexibility to hide booking number in email confirmations subject field.
  • From now on, Citybreak will use the gender travel information data from the external system, instead of being a setting in Citybreak.
  • Fixed an issue where Traveler rating migration from Citybreak to BookVisit was failing.


  • Fixed a bug where we did not cancel the 1st version of a booking in SynXis, when the booking was changed and updated to a new version with updated customer information (eg. new guest name or message to supplier).
  • We now display both the introduction and description content for rooms from SynXis.
  • We made adjustments in the presentation of addons for certain ferry connectors.

New feature

  • We have made a new updated Basket (cart) for CB online.
  • We will release the new basket to all customers gradually.
  • More information will come shortly to your mail.