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Citybreak Release Notes 10 Nov 2020

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • We have updated the booking confirmation so that customers that book more than one product can access each mobile ticket from the booking confirmation separately.
  • When booking a package on Sales Agent, you can now see the time span when this package is bookable.
  • We fixed an issue where in some cases the booking confirmation e-mail and pdf was empty.
  • In the booking confirmation, if available, we are now displaying the vessel, remarks and departure code of the iTicket product.
  • We fixed an issue where we didn’t overwrite a Sales Point’s telephone number, so it was not displayed on the booking confirmation.
  • We fixed an issue where we incorrectly displayed the system name of a product in the booking confirmation when a customer booked more than one iTicket product.
  • On preliminary bookings, we fixed an issue where we did not display the correct date.
  • We have removed all fields from admin that were relevant to the old booking confirmations only.
  • Package descriptions are now displayed on the booking confirmations.


Citybreak Online

  • On the activity-transport booking widget, we updated the dropdown and re-ordered the content of it, so it is shorter and the most important information is shown when booking from a mobile phone.
  • We fixed an issue during the booking process where sometimes the total price disappeared when the customer puts an add-on to the basket.
  • We fixed an issue where we displayed some attributes on cabin villages even though the values of these attributes were zero.
  • We updated the styling in the checkout process so it is more clear to customers where to enter complementary information.
  • When booking packages, in the Accommodation detail step, we are now using Visit Group’s default map provider (in a future release, it will be possible to chose your own map provider which will then also be displayed on the detail page of accommodation products)
  • We fixed the link to the detail page for cabins that was broken in certain cases.
  • We re-designed the basket widget: If no product has been added yet, instead of “Keep shopping” the button now says “close”. Upon adding a product to the basket, the message that a product has been added is in the same style as the actual basket.

Dynamic Packages

  • It will not be possible any longer to select the last day of the bookability period as an arrival day.
  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to save a package when you were working with images on both CBIS and package admin. 
  • We updated the dropdown in the date-offset for activities so they are easier to read.
  • We fixed an issue where we sometimes incorrectly displayed a zero-price during the booking process of packages containing products from the new iTicket connector.
  • We fixed an issue where in some cases it was not possible to edit a package in the dynamic package administration.
  • We fixed an issue where the package setting “length” did not work properly with EasyAccess products.
  • When adding “Agreement Collections” to packages, we now display the product type and it is now also possible to search by product names.

Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice

  • We fixed an issue where we, in certain languages, did not auto-fill the number of participants when editing a booking with iTicket transportation products.
  • We added a new option to handle "broken external bookings" if needed. This is available for all admin users for your organization (you find this option under Sales agent user rights . But can be controlled via a user rights setting if needed.
    You will find this new button in the cancel booking view "Cancel in CB only..."
  • We added a dynamic package helper option if the package is not bookable. If this happens you will find "Why?" button if you click - you will see a view explain the reason for this...