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Citybreak Release Notes 10 Feb 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine

  • We fixed an issue where we sometimes did not display cabin images in the Citybreak Online gallery list.
  • The time it takes to load the booking list on MyPage has been reduced, so MyPage now loads faster.
  • We have built an integration test to ensure that auto-cancellation for preliminary bookings is always checked and working before deploy of system. This brings improved reliability for these types of bookings.
  • On Citybreak Professional and Easy Access, we are now asking all users to provide a valid e-mail address, which is required to secure access, for example in case the password got forgotten and other features!
    We updated the reminder in the insights tab that the Citybreak Insights feature is still in beta version and that data differences may occur.
  • We have fixed some bugs and made some usability improvements on Citybreak Insights, such as loader issues on product pages or added pagination to the product list.
  • On Citybreak Online Checkout, in case of a missed mandatory checkout field, we will auto-focus the user on mobile devices, so they see immediately what was missed.


  • We enhanced our Citybreak PMS integrations and adding additional logging to track the booking status of these bookings better. This will fix an issue where sometimes PMS bookings weren’t pushed to the external system.
  • The reliability between two Citybreak internal modules that were communicating with each other when bookings to a third-party system was sent, has been increased. 

Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice

  • We fixed an issue in Sales Agent where we only display the cheapest rate if the supplier only had one product option.
  • We added support for product groups (parent-child products, like cabin villages) in Sales Agent
  • On Sales Agent, in the future it will be possible to deactivate not supported functionality from specific connectors (for example, we will be able to deactivate the “change date” function when this is not supported by a specific connector or external system).
  • Sales Agent now supports multiple activities per package step, which makes it possible for Agents or Backoffice to offer these options to their clients.
  • The package search form on Sales Agent now by default allows bookings for up to 99 persons (previous default was 9)
  • In Ferry Packages on Sales Agent, we have re-added the attribute filter on the side for the accommodation step, from where it is possible to filter for certain attributes, such as wifi, 24h reception or similar.

Citybreak Galaxy API

Citybreak Financials

  • We fixed an issue where the refunds were sometimes calculated incorrectly when several changes were made on the same calendar day.
  • We added more financial loggings to find issues faster in the future.

Booking Documents

  • In the booking confirmation, we fixed an issue where we did not display the product’s e-mail address when there was a physical address available.

iTicket - Citybreak Connection

  • We fixed an issue where sometimes dates were not displayed as bookable in the first month.