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Citybreak Release Notes 14 Feb 2022 (EN)

Removal of unused code

We have continued to remove old and unused code to make Citybreak faster and to increase stability, security and user-friendliness.
In this release, we have removed:

  • Old MyPage
  • Shuttle transport guide and widget
  • “Popular accommodation” widget
  • Old ActivityTransport widget

During Q2 2022, we will also remove the Citybreak Multiwidget. Note that this is not the Combine Widget, which will remain active.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • On Sales Agent, we fixed a bug where it theoretically was possible to purchase a ski pass with an incorrect number of characters in the WPT / Keycard number. This is now fixed, and the validation works as it does on Citybreak Online.

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We have further developed our new commit service tool, which will provide our customer success staff with the possibility to get more information about certain bookings. This will enable our first line support to help you better, faster and more precise in case of failed bookings.
  • We have implemented an internal traveller rating migration tool when migrating from Easy Access to Bookvisit. This way, all your review and comments collected on Easy Access properties can be transferred over to your new Bookvisit supplier in Citybreak.
  • We improved the reliability in reports where the widget tracker id (TID) is displayed. Previously, the TID may have been missing in certain cases where the end customer declines all cookies.
  • On Citybreak MyPage it is now possible to display and edit the date of birth for all travellers.

Citybreak Financials / PSPs

  • On Citybreak Financials it is now possible to group overdue invoices by point of sales. This makes it easier to manage and follow up on individual bookings.

Integrations / API

  • For products coming from our Bookvisit – Citybreak integration, we have improved the display of rate names, rate descriptions, cancellation policies as well as discount name and discount descriptions. Now all of those names and descriptions are loaded to Citybreak Online directly which gives the end customer all important information and improve their booking experience.
  • In our R360 connection, it is now possible to search and book for cabins that are “pool products”. Pool products are not-specified units and represent only a certain “type” of cabins (similar as to "double rooms"). Previously, we did not have support for this type of products in Citybreak Online for Cabins.

WebX Stays

  • We now display real availability in the calendar on
    • Cabin villages
    • Single cabins
    • Single hotel pages
  • It is now possible to display and book BookVisit package light products ("Offers") on Stays.