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Citybreak Release Notes 28 Dec 2021

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • In the accommodation search, when the customer clicks on "change date" it is now possible to change the entire date span. Previously, only the departure day could be changed, but not the arrival day.
  • In the sitemap created by Citybreak Online, we are now including all products. Previously, only bookable products were included.
  • For activity products in dynamic packages, we now display the number of days instead of the number of nights. 10-12 January will now be displayed as 3 days (previously, it said 2 days/nights).
  • We added a setting that displays end-customer details in Citybreak Sales Agent to organizers for bookings coming from agents. This also includes agent bookings via the Citybreak Galaxy API.allow_customer_details
  • We fixed an issue where where dynamic packages did not automatically get assigned the correct package category on CBIS. 
  • We fixed an issue where in certain cases, the tracking ID of the widget wasn't shown on product reports.
  • An issue with special characters (åäö) has been fixed, that resulted in empty search results when the end user searched for a city with these characters.
  • A minor UI issue has been fixed that displayed certain search boxes in front of other content.
  • In dynamic package addons, the option “select for all travellers” now works as expected.
  • We fixed an issue where the room introduction text on Citybreak Online on search results in the accommodation guide was not displayed. 
  • On the sidebar on Citybreak Online, we fixed an issue where, in case of product name changes, the old product name was displayed.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • An issue with dynamic packages has been fixed where the selection of products in certain situations did not work.
  • We added support for zero-value bookings for additional product types.
  • We fixed an issue with a content setting (Todo Detail Attribute Highlights) that caused an error when trying to book on Sales Agent.
  • We added the start and end-time of activity products on the booking detail page in Sales agent as it is already displayed on MyPage and booking confirmations. 
  • Products with a point of interest (POI) that does not have a valid location, weren't bookable on Sales Agent. This has been fixed now.

Integrations / APIs

  • We added support for supplier packages for accommodation via the Citybreak Galaxy API
  • We fixed a problem with supplier package images coming from the old BookVisit integration. Sometimes, images weren't fully synced to Citybreak.
  • When a customer had two discounts available at the same time, the wrong discount name was displayed on Citybreak Online. This issue has now been fixed. 
  • Zaui changed the data type in their SupplierConfirmationNumber, which we have now updated in our integration. 
  • We are making improvements in our new BookVisit - Citybreak integration in regards to addons. As a first step, we have added breakfast type add-ons, where we support BookVisit's add-on charge unit "One per guest and day" and the add-on price unit "Price per day". More add-on combinations will be added in the future.  

Citybreak Financials / PSPs

  • We have done some changes as to how Citybreak deals with redirects from Nets Easy. This is required to ensure Citybreak catches all successful payments.