Citybreak Release Notes 19 Apr 2022

New Basket Widget

A few updates and fixes have been made to our new basket widget.

  • The basket widget is now WCAG optimized for people with disabilities, we have added support for reference currency and added an edit-mode banner on top while the customer is editing their basket.
  • In order to achieve WCAG compliancy, the "tab index" must be added to the basket script as described in our Widget documentation.
  • All customers that are not already updated to the new version, will receive the new basket widget automatically on 20 April 2022. The update will happen automatically and no further action is required on your side.

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We have done some usability updates to the calendar on Citybreak Online for See & Do products. Now the calendar picker consists of a single date box only, in which the end customer selects arrival and departure day. The calendar automatically closes upon selection of the end date.
  • On Citybreak Online for See & Do products, we have improved our code on the detail page and are using a more modern way to serve all information. This has reduced the loading size of the detail page, which results in faster loading for the end customer.
  • The add-on page sidebar on Citybreak Online for accommodation products can now display more than one room. In certain cases this didn’t work and the add-on page only presented one room.
  • We have fixed an issue with the setting on EasyAccess to hide Terms & Conditions, which wasn’t working properly and have further increased the search performance for products coming from EasyAccess.

Citybreak Sales Agent

  • On Citybreak Sales Agent it is now possible to do explicitly overbook transportation products by manually checking the “Override capacity” checkbox. This feature needs to be turned on for each user permission group.


  • We have added a new marketing integration to MarketHype. If you would like to use MarketHype to automize your marketing and communication with end customers, please contact your Key Account Manager or send an e-mail to [email protected].
  • In our BookVisit – Citybreak integration, we now fully support hiding the terms & conditions coming from BookVisit. 

WebX Stays

  • It is now possible to provide different rates (for example refundable or non-refundable) in the stays booking flow for both hotel and cabin products. The different rates for cabins are now presented when the customer clicks on "Add to cart".
Stays Multi-rate


Citybreak Galaxy API

  • We fixed an issue when searching via the Galaxy API for cabin villages with several rates, you only got one rate back, now you will get the full result with all available rates.
  • It is now possible via the Galaxy API to get calendar availability for single rooms. Currently, this is only supported for BookVisit properties.
  • We are now displaying more error details on Citybreak Galaxy API when a booking fails and display the error message from the external system (for example when the external system responds that an item is not available anymore).

Citybreak Financials / PSPs

  • We introduced a new way to combine external and internal (Citybreak) invoicing flows. It is now possible combine working with self-billing as well as supplier reconziliation in an external accounting system at the same time. The feature disables payouts, but keeps the accounting flow. This can be achieved by setting suppliers to “external”, which will exclude them from the Citybreak Financial reconziliation.