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Citybreak Release Notes 18 Jan 2022

In this release, we have focused a lot on removing old and unused code in order to make Citybreak faster and to increase stability, security and user-friendliness.

Removal of old and unused code

We have removed:

  • Old Citybreak Online for Activities. As announced last year, all customers have been moved to our new Citybreak Online for See & Do products.
  • Settings and menu items related to the previous Citybreak Online for Activities.
  • Old basket widget: This has been replaced by a new version a few years ago. Read more about the latest basket widget in our Online Docs.
  • Minibasket widget.
  • Cruise widget, cruise guide and cruise product type from Citybreak Online, Citybreak Professional and Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice.
  • Restaurant widget and restaurant guide.
  • The remaining last parts of CabinFerry from Citybreak Sales Agent / Backoffice and Citybreak Professional.
  • We use so-called "Feature Flags" in our development processes to safely enable or disable newly added features. We have cleaned our codebase by removing unused and old feature flags.

Sales Agent / Callcenter

  • We have improved the navigation between different booking versions on the booking detail page. Now you can switch between versions without leaving the booking detail page.sales agent


  • Anonymized customers will no longer appear when creating new backoffice bookings.
  • We fixed an issue where the auto-complete search in “Where do you want to go?” showed some entries twice.
  • We fixed an issue where in case of certain pricing types (price per booking vs price per person), the cancellation insurance fee potentially could be paid back to the customer in case of a cancellation (it became zero). This is now fixed and the paid cancellation insurance will not be paid back, regardless of the selected price match type.

Citybreak Booking Engine / Citybreak Online

  • We unified how we display dates and durations across the different platforms and customer documents.
  • Users logging in to MyPage can no longer see their previous bookings if they have been anonymized due to GDPR reasons.
  • We corrected a sorting problem that occured in certain parent and child product combinations where the "highlighted product" attribute is set. Now these products appear properly when the end user sorts the list for recommended products.
  • On Citybreak Professional, we corrected the title of the setting "Share end customer info on booking with Organizer", which previously said "Supplier" by mistake.
  • An issue was fixed where the booking did not contain the date of birth in the finnish language has been fixed.
  • When booking golf products with a voucher, the booking confirmation was different than the voucher display. We have now unified these. 
  • In the Activity-Transport-Widget, for ferry return trips, where the start and end point are different destinations, instead of "Outbound" and "Homebound", we are now displaying "Trip 1" and "Trip 2".widget


Citybreak Financials / PSPs

  • We fixed an issue where it was impossible for mobile users to pay with Vipps via Nets EASY in the redirect solution.
  • We fixed an issue where certain supplier details were not updated in Citybreak Financials. 

Integrations / API

  • Via the Citybreak Galaxy API, it is now possible to book "Package light" products from BookVisit. In the Galaxy API documentation, those are labelled "Offers".